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Ornamental Tree Services

in Connecticut

Pruning, Treatment, Maintenance and Care

Improper pruning can damage trees on your Connecticut property

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This Cherry Needs A Haircut!!!
Pruning is complicated as not all trees require the same pruning methods or frequency, and Deciduous versus Evergreen species vary greatly.

Many people wait too long, while others, prune their trees and shrubs every year.  The result is that people trimming their own trees and shrubs may not be aware they are causing damage to their landscape by continually cutting the plants to the same height every year.  At Ornamentals LLC, we strive to find a balance between whats needed by the client and the health of the tree.

Ornamentals LLC has certified horticulturalists that prune trees and shape shrubs throughout the Connecticut and New England area, so plants stay healthy and beautiful.  Our Team is ready to tackle any issue that arrises. Please contact us to answer any questions or to request a consult with one of our tree professionals.  

Why is pruning trees necessary?

Pruning is an important part of plant and shrub care that is performed for both aesthetic reasons and for plant health.  Pruning is the cutting away of unwanted parts of a plant for more fruitful growth and shaping by removing crossed, damaged or diseased branches which will stress the plant. Pruning improves air flow through the plant and sunlight encouraging better branch distribution, which results in a healthier, more vigorous plant, that is more disease tolerant. A dying or crossing branch can be an entry point for insects or diseases, which can then spread to other parts of the tree, plant or shrub. The bottom line is, pruning needs to be a part of regular maintenance program.  Proper techniques and procedures will be followed to ensure the plants don't sustain any future damage or stress. This is best completed by trained professionals to ensure all elements of your landscape remains healthy for years to come.

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Specialty pruning by a Connecticut tree care professional

To keep the trees and shrubs in your landscaping looking their best, while maintaining their health, please contact us to schedule a free estimate for pruning. We also offer landscaping maintenance packages, like weeding or container gardens, as well as plant health care programs, like pest management and fertilizer to keep everything looking wonderful all year round.  Let our team show you the importance of food for plants.  

Detail pruning

This is recommended for high value trees that are the focal point of your landscaping. Detail pruning is our highest quality pruning that brings out the unique aesthetic characteristics of a tree or shrub while maintaining its structural integrity to nurture its overall health. This may consist of crown cleaning and crown thinning to help reduce insect and disease infestation while also improving its appearance.  Crossing branches, dead wood, problem scaffold branches, and broken limbs are removed allowing more air and sunlight to penetrate the crown.  This is our most detailed service.

Containment pruning

Similar to what it sounds, this involves removing branches that are obstructing sidewalks or encroachments on roads, buildings or other plants.  Shrubs encroaching on your Patio?  Is your walkway impassible?  Cannot see the AC unit anymore? Ivy growing into your windows? Let Ornamentals LLC be your guide to removing unsightly growth.

Structural pruning

This is done on young trees to assist in developing good structural form so they grow up healthy and strong. When performed properly, structural pruning will result in a sound, balanced crown, reducing the need for future maintenance, so pruning may not need to be done as often.  Structural pruning does remove dead wood and crossing branches too.  

Vista pruning

Lake house losing the views?  Having trouble seeing the ocean?  Vista pruning often means utilizing practices such as severe crown reduction that is not recommended because it can have a damaging effect on the long-term health of a tree.  For example, we may remove selected limbs to create “windows” for a view or Arborvitae's can be topped to help curb their growth upwards to help maintain a hedge.  Selective cutting and/or windowing can also be more economical over the long term.


Vines suffocating your trees?  Are your plants growing new wings? New trees coming out of your hedges?   Invasive vines are taking hold of Connecticut landscapes and they need to be eradicated.  The health of the trees and shrubs are threatened by constricting vines which eventually kill the plant host.  Bittersweet is the biggest culprit and up until a few years ago, was still available for purchase in local nurseries.  Call Ornamentals LLC for any Invasive Vine consultations.  


Volunteer trees are new saplings of prolific trees in the surrounding areas, most notably Mulberry and Silver Maple, which sprout up in the landscape, and if unchecked, are very hard to remove.  if you have any questions whether or not you have any volunteer trees, Please Call!


For more information about our ornamental tree services please call 860-622-1265 or contact us online.



Ornamental Shrub Services
Landscape Design & Installation
Pruning Fruit Trees
Ornamental Tree Services in CT | Ornamentals LLC

There are two types of fruit tree pruning depending on whether or not the production of fruit is a priority. Here's a description of each type so you can learn the difference between the two.

Production fruit tree pruning

The height is pruned and contained in order to maximize fruit harvest. The sides of the canopy are pruned to promote strong structure and lateral branching (branches grow out to the sides). A full canopy of foliage is maintained to help prevent sun scalding of the upper branches.

Ornamental Tree Services in CT | Ornamentals LLC
Ornamental fruit tree pruning

While the tree will still produce fruit, the goal of this pruning is to maintain the tree’s structural ornamental beauty. The tree is allowed to grow to its mature size and shape in order to amplify its decorative contribution to the landscape.

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