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Tree and Gardening Services, Serving Residential and Commercial Properties Throughout Connecticut

At Ornamentals LLC we offer a wide range of landscaping services to Connecticut businesses and residents. Our portfolio of work includes everything from specialty tree pruning to landscape consultation and design. While a single tree or shrub, or a 100, may be your focus, we're happy to come out and consult on any project. We often find a consultation can help inspire and improve your properties esthetic appeal, as well as, improve the vitality, beauty and overall health of everything you're growing.

  • Formal/Informal Pruning

  • Landscape Design/Installation

  • Greenhouse Management

  • Tropical Plant Collections

  • Weeding, weeding, weeding

  • Fertilizer/Pest Management

  • Xeriscaping/ Drainage Issues

  • Container Gardens, Sculpture Garden

  • Fruit Tree/Orchard Maintenance

  • Irrigation/Ponds/Edging + Mulch

  • Vegetable Garden Design

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Our Services

Tree and Gardening Services for

Connecticut Businesses and Residents

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