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Landscape Lighting Services

in Connecticut

Make your property & landscape stand out day and night

Discover how lighting can transform your landscape.

We give you beautiful outdoor lighting ideas to enhance your outdoor living area at night. Creating the balance between the practical and a pleasing aesthetic. Landscape lighting installation completed at your home on time and on budget.


We offer a wide range of services including:


  • Landscape Lighting

  • Structure Mount & Post Lanterns

  • Column Mount Lighting

  • Pathway Lighting

  • Driveway & Parking Area Lighting

  • Deck Lighting

  • Gazebo & Trellis Lighting

  • Pool Area Lighting

  • Water Garden & Pond Lighting

  • Security Lighting

  • Custom Solutions

Create new nightscapes with in-direct low voltage lighting and brighten up your property.

Full-Service Outdoor Lighting in CT

Ready to enhance the look and feel of your property after dark? We specializes in transforming your outdoor spaces with low-voltage architectural and landscape lighting. Our team will work one-on-one with you to create lighting displays that perfectly fit your needs, preferences, and budget. From breathtaking backyard installations to accent lighting that enhances the architectural beauty of your business or residence, we’ll make sure that after the sun goes down, your property shines.


Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces

Whether you want to add mood lighting to a patio space or are looking to improve the safety of your stairs and walkways with soft lighting, our ultimate goal is to provide a display that you will marvel at night after night. Contact us today to request a complimentary design consultation!

Planning Your Design

It's easy to go out and be tempted into buying lighting at your local hardware store, only to get them home and realize they are wrong for your landscape.

Leave it to the professionals

We specialize in low voltage lighting creating a layout that accents and provides safety where it's needed most.

What are you illuminating for?

Are you looking to address safety concerns, are you looking to highlight specific areas for entertainment, are there areas that should be dark? All of these questions and many more should be addressed before purchasing a single light. Our team will help ensure you have just the right amount of light for whatever your home needs.


A theme can unify your property and help guide your lighting selection and design layout. Lighting themes can be as simple as using consistent shapes and colors  throughout your yard or more specific illuminating specific parts of your property at different hours. 

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