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Get Off The Ground With Our Raised Garden Beds

Elevate your vegetable gardening

Going into your yard will never be more rewarding

Ornamentals provide multiple options for garden beds, from in-ground beds to raised beds. Our team members will provide guidance based on your soil, budget and aesthetic preferences and install it in the ideal location for your garden to thrive. You can choose to have our gardening experts plant according to your approved garden plan, or you can dig into the soil mix and do your own planting.​

Our garden beds are made of Douglas Fir and filled with new soil so you'll be ready to dig in right away.

Why Douglas Fir?

  • It's durable and can last from 5-10 years 

  • Douglas Fir is naturally resistant to garden rot as the resins in the species help the trees to defend themselves against decay and pests.

  • It's safe and doesn't discharge toxic materials into the soil like pressure treated woods can.

  • Finally it's affordable and easy to work with should you want to change the design or need to replace a board down the road.


Benefits of Using Raised Garden Boxes

  • Less weeds - since it's off the ground it's easier to weed and the new soil is screened so you start with just the plants planted.

  • Less compaction – not walking on the soil improves the health of the soil and also keeps the soil from compacting down which reduces the flow of water to the plants roots.

  • Less tilling – While it can be expensive to initially fill raised garden boxes with soil, it can last year after year and make your life a whole lot easier. (All our beds come filled with new screened soil)

  • You can plant closer together instead of in rows, often called square foot gardening. This is because the nutrient density of the soil composition can handle the close proximity of planting increasing your yield.

  • They look great - a raised vegetable garden can become a centerpiece of your yard giving you years of joy and happiness.

We offer three standard garden sizes. 

Good size for 1-2 people and anyone who is just getting started in gardening. On average you can fit 8-12 plants depending on what you are growing. 

4' X 8' X 10"
4' X 10' X 10"

Good size for 2-3 people, on average you can fit 9-15 plants depending on what you are growing.

*For bed design beyond rectangular design an additional fee will be applied.

** Bed height can be doubled for ease of planting and maintenance, Additional fee will be applied for bed heights about 10"

4' X 12' X 10"

Good size for 3-4 people, on average you can fit 11-18 plants depending on what you are growing.

Looking for something bigger or a custom design?

We've got you covered, give us a ring or drop us a note and a team member will come out and work with you on putting plans together to build the garden that fits your space.

What Size Should I Get?


Deciding how big a vegetable garden to plant really depends on how many people you’re feeding and whether you’re planning for some fresh summer meals or year-round food storage. Crop yields can vary widely depending on what you are planning on growing, as do opinions about how much produce is needed to feed the average family. 

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