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Vegetable Garden Services

in Connecticut

Prepping, Planting, Weeding and Care

Going into your yard will never be more rewarding

Why not get rid of your lawn and replace it with something that takes up less water and gives back incredible organic produce, filled with vitamins and nutrients?


We make it easy for you to enjoy flavorful organic produce fresh from your own backyard garden. Our hand-built raised vegetable beds artfully combine your choice of vegetables, flowers, and herbs to produce the greatest yield in a small space. Fruit trees can be planted to help close the food gap and giving you ample fruit for years to come.

Home Gardening Services in Connecticut

Our home garden service begins with a consultation from one of our knowledgeable professionals who visits your home to:

  • Measure the sun

  • Find the best placement for your garden

  • Create the garden design of your choice

  • Create a plant list that caters to your favorite produce

  • Find out about your preferences to customize our service

  • Go over what to expect from the garden and our service


After the consultation, our installation professionals come out to install your new garden and turn your vision into a reality. Once your garden is installed, our maintenance team will keep everything looking great and producing tons of organic goodness for you and your family to enjoy!

Construction and Installation

Ornamentals provide multiple options for garden beds, from in-ground beds to raised beds. Our team members will provide guidance based on your soil, budget and aesthetic preferences and install it in the ideal location for your garden to thrive. You can choose to have our gardening experts plant according to your approved garden plan, or you can dig into the soil mix and do your own planting.


Garden Bed options include:

  • Timber Frame Beds

  • Natural Material Bed Frames (logs, stone or other locally sourced materials)

  • In-Ground Beds

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Squirrel/Deer Fencing

  • Mulch and Stone Paths

  • Container Gardens


Custom gardens are for someone who would like our home garden service to transform their landscape into their dream garden. Options include custom shapes and designs, gravel, walking paths, arbors, orchards, tree-scapinglandscape design services and much more!



Maintenance & Care

Maintaining a garden or garden landscape is not an easy task.

It requires a unique knowledge, specialized skill set, and a lot of weeding, weeding, and more weeding!! If they are not properly cared for, your plants will begin to grow into each other, produce smaller yields, and grow in disorderly clumps. Understanding when and how to harvest, proper methods of pruning, and how to ward off harmful bugs, pests and animals are just a few of the essentials.  Fertilizer is also very important to increase yields.  Bigger Plants = Bigger Yields!!!

Ornamentals specialize in the proper methods of caring for and maintaining your garden and edible landscape. We take pride in the quality of service we offer our garden maintenance customers. Providing high-quality ongoing customer service is very important to us, and we want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.


For more information about our vegetable gardening services please call 860-622-1265 or contact us online.

FAQs About Our CT Vegetable Garden Services

Late summer and early fall is the perfect time to get started thinking about a new vegetable garden.  

Why not wait till spring?

The success of the garden depends on soil preparation -- poorly prepared soil may not have the nutrients necessary for plants to flourish. Grass will need to be removed from the area before starting the garden. Removing the grass ensures ample room for plants to grow and eliminates competition for water and nutrients. At Ornamentals we start preparing the soil the fall before we plan to plant to allow time for soil conditioning and improvements, ensure proper drainage and ensure everything is ready for an early spring planting.

What about existing gardens?

It's always best to start planning for the next growing season in the fall. If you're looking to amend soil or add additional beds getting started in the fall allows you to make sure you're ready for planting in spring.

What about plants?

We source our plants from local organic farms throughout Connecticut, ensuring the food you feed your family is both healthy and supports local farmers. Our team will help you select the number of plants as well as varieties based on a number of factors such as garden size, family size, environmental conditions etc.

I have a small yard, can you still help me create a garden?

The short answer is, Yes. Even in limited space our team can help you setup different options such as container gardens or vertical gardens. We have helped many people in Hartford and other areas of Connecticut realize there gardening dreams even in limited spaces.

Does Ornamentals offer a free consultation?

Yes. We offer our complimentary consultation to fully describe the features and benefits of our custom raised bed gardens and work with you to determine what size garden would be best for your family, the options you may want and to select the fruit and vegetables your family would like in your garden. Our Backyard Garden Consultant will then assess your backyard for hours and orientation of sunlight, soil drainage, and water hook-ups for the irrigation system. Our Backyard Garden Consultant will provide you with possible locations of your future garden incorporating the specifications of the assessment and how it will best fit in your landscaping.

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