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My Tools:

1.Hand saw: Most saws are created equal, but they must be geared towards professionals (Big Box Stores will NOT have a good hand saw). Length is important, as knowing your pinch points and where you will be cutting and folding or not…..I like 8-10 inch blade and the folding saw because I often switch between hand snips and saw.

2. Pruning Snips: Most are created Equal, but I like Felco’s. All Parts are replaceable and they have 8 different handle sizes ….I use #2 as they are for bigger hands!

3. Sharpening Stone: Keeps my Hand snips sharp so my cutting is easier and I can therefore perform more work in a given day.

4. Ladders: I use many ladders, but the best is the orchard ladder. It has a single stem in the back so I can put it through the tree or shrub I'm working on

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