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Winter IS The BEST Time To Prune Deciduous Trees and Shrubs!!!

Winter pruning is done for a variety of reasons – to promote bigger harvests, get newly-planted trees and shrubs off to a good start, thin crowding stems, train branches and espaliers, encourage flowering, shape plants, increase airflow and sunlight penetration, promote vigor and remove dead or diseased wood. During the winter, woody plants are dormant and so are the many diseases and insects that can potentially hurt the trees and shrubs. Also, after the leaves have fallen, it is much easier to see the plants overall form and structure. (Prices for pruning in winter are reduced for this reason.) Damaged and diseased branches are more readily visible, and can therefore be removed efficiently. Winter pruning is great for your trees and shrubs, leaving them with extra root and energy reserves to quickly heal wounds and support vigorous growth in spring. Thinning cuts, heading back, and structural pruning are examples of typical winter pruning. Deciduous trees and shrubs are most commonly pruned in Winter, but some species like Lilac and Rhododendron, like to be pruned after they bloom, in late June. Ornamentals LLC has trained Horticulturalists who know the differences between the plants species. Don’t let the outside temperatures scare you away from having Ornamentals LLC come for a visit. Thoughtful pruning of your trees and shrubs by Ornamentals LLC, during the winter, will allow you more time to enjoy the fruits and blooms during the pleasant weather of spring and summer!!

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