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NOW is the

Best Time to Prune!

Pruning, Treatment, Maintenance and Care

Prepare your trees for Spring this Winter!

Did you know that in Winter trees become dormant? Conserving energy and storing essential nutrients in the roots where the shelter or the ground keeps it warm and healthy for spring time growth.


The benefits and why we advocate for cold weather pruning:

  1. Tree's are dormant so it's less stressful for the plant.

  2. It's easier to see problem areas, such as dead or dying, crossed or lateral branches.

  3. Prevents pest & diseases from spreading to other areas of the tree.

  4. Prevents Winter damage from snow loads by leaf build up.


This means that trees growing in Connecticut region can be pruned and sculpted for optimal Spring growth.

Fill out the form below or give us a ring at 860-622-1265 and Ornamentals will have one of our team members come out and provide a FREE job evaluation and quote. 

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