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Before Bud Break Get Your Trees and Shrubs Pruned by an Expert.

Tree & Gardening Services in Connecticut

New England gardens of the colonial period were influenced by English design, both the naturalistic and the ancient or “geometric” styles.  Even today, landscapes still represent these colonial flavors and it may require some addition of color or taming of the shrub. Landscaping, in many areas, is designed to provide an aesthetic impact but often plants and trees are chosen with little knowledge of the species future needs or size. As time passes this initial impact can turn into an aesthetic eye-sore! At Ornamentals LLC, we specialize in taking overgrown, improperly trimmed, and sometimes damaged trees, shrubs and gardens, turning them into stunning landscape additions you always dreamed of. We offer a wide range of tree and garden services to residents and businesses throughout CT, including:

Weeping Higan Cherry

At Ornamentals LLC, we perform structural pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs, which greatly improves the health of the plants.  Tasks include removing dead and diseased wood, any crossing branches or areas susceptible to rot, and we thin out the crown to make sure scaffold branches are free to move.  Increased air flow and sunlight penetrates the canopy and allows for healthy new growth on older wood and with yearly pruning, we can guide your trees to a neat appearance.  Aesthetic appeal is supported for fruit, flower, and form. Request a FREE on-site estimate today.

Tree & Garden Services in Connecticut

At Ornamentals LLC, not only do we specialize in smaller Specimen trees, we also trim and prune shrubs. Shrubs are a great way to fill in your landscape, without the tall aspect of a tree, but with good color accents and texture. When they’re maintained professionally, they can really stand out and make the garden shine! Request a FREE on-site estimate today.


A beautiful Connecticut landscape requires a thoughtfully-crafted strategy – one that appreciates the needs of both the client, the property and its surroundings. We begin every project with a clear, well-communicated plan which, in turn, results in a thorough design. We then continue with a meticulous installation and a comprehensive maintenance program. Large or small installations are met with a smile!  Let's Add Some Color!!!   

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Our Roots

Ornamentals LLC was started by Nicholson (Nic) Willard with the primary intention of helping Connecticut residents and businesses trim and maintain ornamental trees on their property. With over 25 years experience as a horticulturist, landscaper and Garden design manager, it quickly became apparent to Nic that Connecticut property owners needed help with more than just lawns and large trees on their property.  Smaller specimen trees like Japanese Maples and weeping Higan Cherries, were either neglected or trimmed in haste, while they were planted as the original focal point($$$) of the garden design.  While this method may be cheaper, it will not guarantee the long life of the plant.  Yearly maintenance with Ornamentals LLC will ensure a healthy plant with lots of new growth, new flowers and more fruit!    We have expanded the business to include a wider range of services. Ornamentals LLC, like the plants we care for, is a thriving CT business, meeting clients needs and beautifying outdoor spaces throughout the state. We happily work in all 4 seasons and NO TREE IS TOO FAR!!


Nicholson Willard



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